P-21 - Negotiation: Renegotiation, Financial Disputes, and Force Majeure


Online Learning



Course Description

This course explores the government and private sector’s interactions in addressing issues within public-private partnership projects.

Participants will examine the differences between negotiating PPP contracts and negotiating troubled PPP projects. They will gain insights into the evaluation of PPP contracts and other issues in managing troubled projects, including applying force majeure risks. This course includes case studies covering lessons learned in connection to workouts in different types of PPP projects worldwide, giving real-world context to the course content.

Given the current impact of the worldwide pandemic on PPP projects, participants will have the opportunity to evaluate the consequences of a sample PPP project and develop potential solutions.

Learning Outcomes

Through successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the key differences between the negotiation of the PPP contract and resolving issues after the project has started
  • Analyze issues that should be addressed in a troubled PPP project
  • Rationalize where to allocate force majeure risks in PPP contracts, including analyzing implications of the pandemic for PPP contracts
  • Analyze potential ways to address pandemic and similar events in future PPP contracts
  • Gain practical experience on how to evaluate issues relating to troubled projects and develop possible solutions

Who Will Benefit

This course is designed for public officials and private-sector professionals who have an understanding of fundamental PPP concepts, and now seek to learn how to renegotiate those projects in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

  • Staff from national, provincial, federal, state, and municipal governments
  • Members of planning organizations and boards
  • Regulators and authorities for infrastructure utilities and public services
  • Legal, financial, construction, and engineering professionals
  • Staff of international donor organizations